Haitian Voodooism Essay

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There are many supernatural factors incorporated into the Haitian religion, Voodoo, including possessions, gods, and magic. These are woven into their beliefs, rituals, and daily lives. Magic is something that causes immense judgments from outsiders, people seeing their beliefs and looking at voodooists in a weird light. However, what many don't realize is that Voodooist magic is not an evil used to control others, but it is rather deeply rooted in their religion. Magic is extremely prevalent in Haitian culture because it helps to strengthen their community and connection to their gods.
Haitian Voodoo beliefs circle their Gods also known as Loa. Loa are the divine messengers that allow voodooists to be connected to the spiritual world. There …show more content…

Magic can be categorized into two parts; white magic and black magic. Many Haitians believe in the power of sorcerers, those who use magic outside of religious practice for daily life as well as revenge. Sorcerers are looked down upon in society as they misuse magic for their own selfish needs. While white magic is used for healing and medicine. Sorcerers use black magic for curses and power. When someone is ill or experiences a great tragedy, voodooists will aid them with their form of medicine. Treatments are not solely medical as they include prayers, offerings, and sacrifice. They use their beliefs of good magic to bring help to those in need as they believe that one who often prays to the Loa will be protected by them. Black magic users are clouded by evil; they place curses, summon death, create beasts, and bring terror to the community. Classic forms of sorcery involve objects such as the classic voodoo doll. Dolls can be used both negatively and positively. A sorcerer may create a doll that symbolizes the person they want to get revenge upon, they then will do acts on the doll that will manifest into the person it resembles. Another fearful power sorcerers have is the Sending of the Dead. Sending of the Dead is when a sorcerer casts a spell upon someone to send the dead to them which ultimately kills them. The victim slowly becomes thin and starts to spit and cough blood. Sending of the Dead is usually not able to be curable unless a High Priest can send the dead away. Sorcers can also harm people after they have passed by creating Zombi. Zombi, similar to the ones portrayed in mainstream media, are the undead but in voodoo, it is something much scarier. Instead of a brain-dead monster, a zombi is a person who has fully passed away, then brought back to life with a brain that has been reduced to nothing. It is believed that the Hungan, a voodoo priest or priestess, has the

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