What Is Hammurabi Code Of Laws

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Hammurabi, who was a king of the “old Babylonian empire”(Jona Lendering, 2004), ruled from 1792 BCE to 1750 BCE for forty-two years and accomplished a great riverine civilization such that no other king had done to the extent of its mastery. The city of Babylon which is located in Mesopotamia is known as “modern day” Iraq which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. These rivers helped in creating rich and fertile soil which allowed humans to plant and grow crops in which they needed to survive. Through trade, humans could communicate with one another and grasp on to new ideas. As a result of the rivers, civilization began to flourish outstandingly. As new ideas began to emerge among the people, there was a need for organization to prevent chaos. …show more content…

Hammurabi's designed a bureaucratic system in which he named the law codes after himself, which is called “ Hammurabi law codes”. It is the oldest known law code in the world to have existed. History Staff reports, The medium is a monolithic stone, written in cuneiform texts which consisted of 282 bullet points ( 2009). The stone is a symbolism of the Babylonian society, which helps to show the kind of the people who once existed there. Hammurabi's law codes represent the developments of a rigidly legal society such as the Mesopotamian society in which a true complex society is

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