Hank Bourque Character Analysis Essay

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Several people have an opinion of the elderly man who lives across from the school in the neighborhood. Most of them generally described him as being the most unpleasant person to be around. Most people simply described him a crab. Nevertheless, this “old crab” has a name, and it is Hank Bourque. Hank is an aged Navy veteran who joined the military when he was 15 years old. Most people who have had experiences with senile veterans would assume being in the military would change one’s personality to be unpleasant. A simple conversation with Hank failed to prove the slightest hint of unpleasantness in his personality. One can take several hours of prying through his life as a young child aging into the man he is today and make a realization that …show more content…

He claims without that he would have been stuck in his adolescent ways. Hank expressed how much the workforce looked for those qualities in the employees they hired. Hank said he matured while training and in a way knew what he needed to do when he left the military to get a job to support himself and his family. Hank Bourque joining the military is a selfless act he did to serve his country, but to take everything he learned back home and to apply it to his everyday job in life is another great example of Hank’s personality. It shows he did the work once in learning all the skills, and instead of “throwing them out the window” he is willing to work hard and use what he learned to support his …show more content…

He put himself through trials to make himself a better person more suitable to help his family and others. Although many may see him as an “old crab” unsuitable to be around, Hank’s personality is one of the most caring in the world. He would do anything to help somebody before he decides to help himself. Many may never see this side of him, but Hank is an ordinary man who lives day to day simply trying to make the best of what he has and to help his family and others as much as

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