Happiness And Happiness: The Different Forms Of Happiness

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Happiness appears in so many different forms that it is difficult to define. On the other hand, it is easy to see that someone is unhappy or feel themselves to be so, says Travis Bradberry, co-author of the award-winning bestseller Emotional Intelligence 2.0. He added that the circumstances of life have little to do with happiness, because a large part of it under our control due to the fact that the result of our habits and outlook on life. As corroboration says research psychologist at the University of California that showed that the genes and life circumstances responsible for approximately 50 percent of one 's sense of happiness - the rest is up to us. A large part determine our habits - the thoughts and actions - and should be closely monitored and to become aware that we are not dragged into the abyss seamlessly. Among these 10 bad habits that Bradberry says will surely find rest for which we are not aware of that makes us unhappy.

Waiting for the future - in the style of thinking "I 'll be happy / in the tub ..." one of the bad habits that is the easiest to acquire. It is problematic because it puts too much emphasis on the circumstances - the improvement of conditions does not lead to happiness. Do not waste time waiting for something which has been proven that there is no impact on your mood, said Bradberry. Instead focus to be happy right now, at this moment, because there is no guarantee for the future.

Spending too much time and effort to come up with "stuff"

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