Health Care: Decision Support System

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Florence F. Odekunle Spring Semester BINF 7510 Home Work 1 Decision Support Systems Decision support system (DSS) is gaining increased recognition in healthcare organizations. This is due to an increasing recognition that a stronger DSS is crucial to achieve a high quality of patients care and safety.1,2 DSS is a class of computerized information system that supports decision-making activities.2 It uses patient data to provide tailored patient assessments and evidence-based treatment recommendations for healthcare providers to consider.2,3 DSS can vary greatly in design and function, undergoing a constant evolution of their scope and application.4 My favorite DSS is Isabel; I preferred this DSS to other DSSs based on the following reasons: …show more content…

Isabel is able to extract pre-assigned data from an EMR - on a single click delivers diagnoses and knowledge to the EMR user so no data entry into Isabel required. Unlike Isabel, both Iliad and QMR are not interfaced with electronic medical record systems. Overall, Isabel is highly desirable for any health care institutions. References 1) Bright TJ, Wong A, Dhurjati R, Bristow E, Bastian L, et al. Effect of clinical decision-support systems: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med 2012;157(1):29-43. 2) Shortliffe, E.H., Cimino, J.J. Biomedical informatics: computer applications in health care and biomedicine. 4th edition. New York NY: Springer; 2014. 3) Wager, Karen A., Frances Wickham Lee, and John P. Glaser. Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management. 2nd edition. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass; 2009. 4) Kawamoto K., Del Fiol G., Lobach. D.F. & Jenders R. A (2010) Standards for Scalable Clinical Decision Support: Need, Current and Emerging Standards, Gaps, and Proposal for Progress 2010, 4,235-244. 5) Open Clinical accessed from

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