The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

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Abstract- Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), with various data mining techniques being applied to assist physicians in diagnosing patient disease with similar symptoms, has received a great attention recently. The advantages of clinical decision support system include not only improving diagnosis accuracy but also reducing diagnosis time. In this paper, we have given the CDSS with some advance technologies like Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier has offered many advantages over the traditional healthcare systems and opens a new way for clinicians to predict patient’s diseases. As healthcare is the field in which Security of data related to patient diseases are needs to be more secure, for that in this paper, we have use RSA…show more content…
This implies that a CDSS is simply a decision support system that is focused on using knowledge management in such a way to achieve clinical advice for patient care based on multiple items of patient’s data. The main purpose of modern CDSS is to assist clinicians at the point of care. This means that clinicians interact with a CDSS to help to analyses, and reach a diagnosis based on patient data. Naive Bayesian classifier, one of the popular machine learning tool of data mining, has been widely used recently to predict various diseases in CDSS [1]. Despite its simplicity, it is more appropriate for medical diagnosis in healthcare than some sophisticated techniques. The CDSS with naive Bayesian classifier has offered many advantages over the traditional healthcare systems and opens a new way for clinicians to predict patient’s diseases…show more content…
One of the main challenges is how to keep patient’s medical data away from unauthorized disclosure. The usage of medical data can be of interest for a large variety of healthcare stakeholders. For example, an online direct-to-consumer service provider offers individual risk prediction for patient’s disease. Without good protection of patient’s medical data, patient may feel afraid that his medical data will be leaked and abused, and refuse to provide his medical data to CDSS for diagnosis. Therefore, it is crucial to protect patient’s medical data. However, keeping medical data’s privacy is not sufficient to push forward the whole CDSS into flourish. Service provider’s classifier, which is used to predict patient’s disease, cannot be exposed to third parties since the classifier is considered as service provider’s own asset. Otherwise, the third parties can abuse the classifier to predict patient’s disease which could damage service provider’s profit. Therefore, besides preserving the privacy of patient’s medical data, how to protect service provider’s privacy is also crucial for the CDSS. Preserving Patient-Centric Clinical Decision Support System called PPCD, helps physician to predict disease risks of patients in privacy-preserving way. A secure and privacy-preserving patient-centric clinical decision support

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