Health Care Reform Research Paper

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In the US health care sector has faced a lot of reforms. The reforms in the healthcare sector have been caused by the dwindling health services which have led to many deaths in the US. The government through the various congresses has tried to reform this sector to make it one of the most admirable in the history of the US. The purpose of this paper is to explain the various reforms which have taken place in this sector defining the importance of the reforms and the effects it has on the health sector in the US at large. The analysis of the social, economic, ethical, political and legal factors which have caused the evolution of the health sector and the policies which have been amended for far in the US are also discussed in this …show more content…

The insurance offered can either be private or public. An individual mandate which entails the provision of subsidies for the private insurance as a means of providing universal healthcare is considered as one of the best ways to win the support of the senate because it has been included in the bipartisan reform proposals. The reforms in the health sector have been dated back in 1993 when President Bill Clinton proposed the health care reform bill. This bill included the provision of health insurance to all employees through the health maintenance organizations. The bill failed due to barrage in negative advertisements which were conducted and funded by the conservatives and the health insurance industry. The failure of this bill was also due to claims that it was a complex measure to be introduced into the health sector. Due to this failure, he compromised with the 105th congress to enhance reforms in state children's health insurance program back in …show more content…

This law which was passed requires that all the individuals in the US should take the health insurance or pay a penalty tax; employers with 50 or more employees to provide health care coverage to its employees or face a tax penalty thereafter; it establishes insurance exchanges through which individuals and most families will receive tax payer funded premium subsidies; it requires the expansion of Medicare by raising %716 billion for medical care; it imposed 21 additional taxes on the health insurance plans, medical devices, businesses and families at a cost of $1.1 trillion. The estimated cost to achieve this project according to CBO was put to be $2 trillion which was far more than the presidents promise to keep the cost down at $1 trillion (republicans,

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