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Intro To Healthcare Career Exploration Paper. Kim. S. Orchard. North Bend High School. Intro To Healthcare Careers Paper. Career Description & Workplace Environment Speech Pathology: A speech pathologist and or speech therapists help assess and diagnose patients that have speech and swallowing issues that can occur for a number of reasons including, Stroke, Brain trauma and, cleft palate. Things that a speech Pathologist may help with and treat with are, helping you make sounds and helping you relearn words and how you pronounce them. They may also help with alternative options such as Sign language for those with non existent speech ability. The environment in which they work are a wide variety but you often see them in Hospitals and Elementary …show more content…

But according to the BLS the master 's degree is the most common out of the two degrees in this field it is also the minimum degree that is required to continue in the career. Pediatric Endocrinology: Now for a career in Pediatric Endocrinology you will have to be ready for a long grueling education. First you need a four year bachelor’s degree in the medical field and then four years in a medical school, following that you will be a resident for three years in pediatrics and to top it off you will then go into a pediatric endocrinology fellowship. Also some credentials before all this are anatomy and physiology and ethics along with biochem and chem. Which Of The Five Pathways Do These Health Careers Fall Under? Speech Pathology: Speech Pathology falls under Therapeutic Services. Careers in the Therapeutic Services pathway are focused on changing the health of the patients over time. They are primarily ones who come and meet their patients in person and on a more personal level. They also help and provide treatment and counseling along with health education

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