Hey Jude Analysis

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The Beatles were undoubtedly one of the best song composers of the twentieth century. Their countless number of hits have motivated and inspired millions of songwriters and fans all throughout the world. “Hey Jude” is certainly one of their most popular songs of all time. Not only has the track been recognized as one of the Beatles’ greatest songs of all time, but has been influential enough to be classified as an anthem. What was is about “Hey Jude” that was so captivating, and influential in rock and roll history? John Lennon will be forever remembered as one of the most influential artists in the history of music. His distinguishable and awe-inspiring voice has transfixed millions of music lovers. He was passionate about composing and performing music. Many regarded his music as the most important thing in his life. One April 8, 1963, however, John’s wife Cynthia gave birth to their son Julian. It was apparent that becoming a father was undoubtedly John’s greatest achievement. Despite his pride in becoming a father, John was not the most compassionate, and spent most of his time and …show more content…

When Paul first played the song to John, he explained to him that he was going to change the ambiguous lines. John explained to Paul that the ambiguity was perhaps the best element of the song. Let people make what they want of it. I personally believe that the abstruseness of “Hey Jude” was what made the song so popular. It universally addresses human emotion in an empathetic fashion. Everyone at some point in their lives goes through difficult times. Paul McCartney was specifically addressing Julian when he wrote the song, but it can be interpreted as a general message of hope and compassion. Paul’s supporting message explains that no matter what adversities one may face in life, everything will work itself out. America was facing several adversities, and this relatable song provided a sense of understanding and

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