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Simulated major purchase at hhgregg In order to simulate a major purchase, one has to know what to look for. Wanting this simulation to be as realistic as possible the color, price and style was researched on the internet. I go in under the impression that the salespeople on the floor at hhgregg would have bomb bard with questions. The simulation was to buy a new gas range with 5 burners and a girdle in stainless steel made by Whirlpool no more the one thousand dollars. I walked right passed the front desk, noticing that there were about ten employees at the front desk. Then I walked through the store to locate the ranges, where two couples were being waited on by two salesmen. I thought that by looking and opening the ranges turning the knobs…show more content…
I said a gas range. Do you know which one, no I have some questions. Let me see if I can help you decide. Pointing to the model that caught my eye, does this model have a griddle? You will have to buy that separately. Thinking he would build on the sale, he didn’t ask any of the questions discussed in class. The salesman was short and did not seem interested in helping at all. Waiting to give the salesman a change to ask questions like what is your price range? What brands to you have in mind or anything that would be an open end question? Needing some sort of a sales pitch throwing him a bone with my own question. Noticing that the range was on sale. I ask how long the sale is good for. His answer was until the end of the month. Realizing that this simulation was not going to lead to the questions needed. The things that could have been done and would have landed him a sale. Would have been asking question like. What color of range are you looking for? Is there a price range you have in mind? Is there a brand you prefer over another? Do you have a large family you will be cooking dinner

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