The Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Short Story

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Two great stories, one being a film and one being a short story, have many differences, but also have some similarities. The film, High Noon is a old Wild-West type story. With its black and white color and historic setting it revolves around the towns Marshall. Will Kane, being the Marshall, has to save his town from an old criminal he sent up state that is looking for revenge. Then the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” is set on an island. Rainsford, the protagonist, washed up on this island after falling pff his ship. The place is very mysterious and he must find a way off while a crazy General sets up a game. With the vast variety of characters, setting, and themes, “The Most Dangerous Game” and High Noon have nite similarities and differences. These include similar themes and characters but also different settings. …show more content…

“The commandments say: thou shall not kill. But we hire men to do it.”(Foreman 315). The quote is from the minister at the church. He says the quote when Will Kane walks in the church to ask for deputies to help him kill Frank Miller and his gang. From the example you could say the film and the short story share the same theme. This is because in the short story, General Zaroff asks Rainsford to hunt with him but because Zaroff reveals he is hunting men he declines. Later, after he escapes Zaroff in the game ends up killing Zaroff as a choice. This is also similar to High Noon because in the beginning of the film Kane runs from Frank Miller but comes back and decides to fight as a choice just like Rainsford chose to kill

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