Hillary Clinton Wives

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Franklin had Eleanor, Martin had Coretta, and currently Barack has Michelle. Throughout history, many famous men have enjoyed great success with their wives at their side. However, while the husbands are celebrated, the triumphs of their wives are gone unnoticed. The successes of women are often ignored due to the emphasis of male dominance and superiority in society. Wives especially are expected to be submissive and weaker than their male counterparts. Within marriage, wives are frequently assumed as homemakers while their husbands pursue the paycheck. As a result, husbands are viewed as more successful and powerful financially, politically, and socially. However, much of this success can actually be attributed to their wives, Without the …show more content…

Although First Ladies are viewed as simply cohabitants of the White House, Hillary Clinton held great influence over her presidential husband. Clinton attended campaign strategies in Arkansas, became the first first lady to have an office in the West Wing with her own personal team. She helped revamp health care and provided great aid to her husband cries for impeachment were released. Alice M. Rivlin, a White House budget director noted, “I think for a good part of his career, he was probably rescued by Hillary by her being a more decisive, more disciplined kind of person who kept things moving.” Hillary played a huge part in her husband’s presidency, helping her husband run and taking active political roles in the White House. After his scandal, she even helped keep Bill in office by rallying Democrats against impeachment. Hillary essentially saved him from losing his presidency. Although 1993-2001 were Bill Clinton’s years, his wife greatly influenced affairs and aided him in decision making, showing her great influence. Although the spotlight was on Bill Clinton during his presidency, Hillary Clinton definitely exerted great influence on the Clinton administration, showing her hidden political …show more content…

They often hold immense power that is unfortunately shadowed by their husbands due to the male-oriented society. Husbands are always stressed as the breadwinners, bring prestige to the family but without doubt, their wives have great impact on their success. There’s a common joke circulating among the wives of political officials including Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama: A successful businessman and his wife visit the gas station where her ex-boyfriend works. The businessman proud of his economic success suggests that if not for him, she could have been married to a gas station worker. She retorts, however, that if she married him, he would be a success as well. Wives have great power over their spouse and their spouse’s success. While husbands are frequently recognized for their financial and political power, oftentimes it is the wives that truly secured their success. Wives are often viewed as submissive and weaker than their counterpart; however, their great influence over their spouse’s success seems to definitely suggest

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