John Trump Thesis

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Real estate developer Donald John Trump was born in 1946 in Queens New York and was the 4th of five children to Fredrick and Mary. Trump was much like his dad in the way that he also became an Real estate developer. Frederick specialized in building middle class apartments in Queens, Staten and Brooklyn. Trump was sent to military school at the age of 13 due to his high energetic personality as well as his low discipline ability in hopes of that changing. Trump excelled at the academy becoming a star athlete as well as an exceptional student. When he graduated in 1964, he had enrolled into Fordham University for two years. After fordham, trump decided to transfer to Wharton school of finance of University of Pennsylvania for his final degree of economics of …show more content…

Clinton attended Wellesley College, where she became very active in student politics before becoming the senior class president in 1969 when she graduated. Clinton worked at various jobs during her summers as a college student. In 1971, she first came to Washington, D.C. to work on U.S. Senator Walter Mondale 's subcommittee on migrant workers. In the Summer of 1972 she worked on the western side of the US for the campaign of democratic presidential nominee George McGovern. After President Richard Nixon had resigned in august she had became a faculty member of the University of Arkansas Law school in fayetteville, where Yale University classmate and boyfriend Bill Clinton had been teaching as well. When Bill CLinton decided to run for president in 1992, hillary emerged as a dynamic and valued partner of her husband. In 1993 Bill Clinton had named her to head of the Task Force on National Health Reform, but was soon abandoned in september of 1994. In 1998 the White House had been engulfed by the Monica Lewinsky controversy. Though she publicly supported her husband, Mrs. clinton had considered leaving her marriage. He was impeached, but the US senate

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