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The journey to sobriety can begin in many different ways. For many addicts, a holistic rehab center is one of the best options for recovery. At a holistic rehab center, addicts can begin the rehabilitation process with equine therapy, fitness classes and dual diagnosis treatment options. Through healing and treatment, individuals can begin their personal journey toward a sober lifestyle.

How Does a Holistic Rehab Center Work?

When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are often more factors involved than just a chemical dependency. Sometimes, people begin to self-medicate in response to emotional trauma, mental disorders or pain conditions. To recover from an addiction, the cause has to be addressed as well. At a holistic rehab center, doctors and trained specialists look at why the individual developed their …show more content…

These treatment options include physical activities like biking, yoga or hiking that help to promote physical health and holistic wellness. Alternative types of psychotherapy use art, music and similar techniques to help patients recover. Through these Jacksonville programs, patients get the superior care that they need to recover.

Attending a Holistic Rehab Center

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a holistic rehab center helps patients by ending the addiction early and identifying potential triggers for the addiction. Individuals learn alternatives for drug or alcohol abuse as they create a long-term recover plan. At the same time, they receive counseling support for understanding the events that lead to an addiction and coping with triggers.

Depending on the treatment center, individuals may receive a variety of different treatment options. These may include:

Art classes and therapy
Massage therapy

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