Holocaust Remember

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Let’s just forget the past and erase who we once were. Let’s just offend the millions of people that died in vain. Let us move on and start from scratch they say. Let us erase cultures and Woodstock and our arrival to the moon. Let’s take precious memories away and completely erase our identity from history. But is forgetting worth living a lie? Is forgetting worth making the same mistake repeatedly? Oklahoma wants to change AP history courses; some countries practice Holocaust denial. The question is, do we really want to forget the negatives of the past? No. I don 't think the thousands of massacres and genocides that took place in history are irrelevant. They matter because they help us learn from our mistakes and help empower others to take a stand. Let 's say they were to take away all of our memories, do we just keep …show more content…

In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, we see a victim retelling his tale. What does this do for us? It helps us understand what to do during an injustice. Being informed helps us mourn the loss of many people. In a way it serves as closure and acceptance as opposed to being in denial for all of your life. Remembering helped Elie get out his anger and helped him realize that what he went through can do of great purpose to those who could possibly be going through the same situation. Remembering the past only affects you negatively if you let it. In the Giver, by Lois Lowry we see a dystopian society founded on a cluster of lies that a bunch of ludicrous people in power decided to do. Taking away the citizens memories was like taking away their emotion. If you want to forget the past, might as well forget how to laugh and cry. It all correlates, people want to forget to not feel pain, but what about when you cry, do you not feel pain? So do you want to forget how to cry and feel? Because that 's the only true way to never feel pain again. Not by erasing

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