Homelessness In California

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Did you know that California is known to be a state that holds one of the highest rankings for homeless population? Well, I have recently researched and a lot of the rankings for states containing the most destitute people, and I had the impression that California would be at least with one of the top 5 states. And my judgment with this topic was proven correct with most of the sources I have used to congregate data from. As a result, of California possessing a pretty excessive populace of citizens not inhabiting a proper shelter, there was a big dispute in San Francisco, California regarding officials mandating the needy to commute to another location due to the constructing of city buildings and the expansion of the so called “Super Bowl…show more content…
Some believed that what they are doing is just downright inapt and others believe no one should even be mad at the authorities. This is good example of the effects of humans having different conceptions and different ways of interpreting a situation. One of the ways people may have seen it as was, the mayor was inconsiderate pushing the homeless to move against their will and he set up a homeless shelter to not look bad to the people. He did it so he would hit two birds with one stone he would remove the poor off of the streets to be able to continue his construction on the city, and at the same time will seem like a generous person by setting up a shelter claiming to be for the safety of the peoples living out on the…show more content…
You can see it as the mayor is helping everyone he is trying to make the city more presentable and he’s making a shelter for the numerous of people without a home to stay in for the reason he claims to be because the weather has been awfully bad and especially recently. Although it maybe true that the conductors of this event is ashamed to have homeless people presented outside on the streets, but some people have disagreed with this statement saying that the staff had informed the poor that there was a shelter nearby and that relocating was in their best interest-it was the only way to really ensure their safety during the establishment of new buildings. I have read an article dedicated to this event and it shows multiple perspectives of what they thought of the homeless needing to move from their spot. The article states that the homeless people are being ordered to move due to the city development. However the team carrying out the service denies that that’s the reason why they are moving them from the place they were currently at. Rather they claim the reason to be is being done is for the good of the citizens on the streets not because of the big event is going to be present

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