Horace Mann Try And Standardize Education

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EPFE 321 Mid-term
Over the years there have been many different views on the direction that education and schooling will take in the role of the United States society taken by influential people. Some of these people included the Puritans of the Plymouth Colony, who believed that children needed to work to prevent them from being influenced by the devil. Thomas Jefferson who believed that everyone needs to be educated for the betterment of society and that people should earn their respect and merits and that it shouldn’t be just given out for nothing. Horace Mann started to try and standardize schooling so that if children moved they would still be learning nearly the same curriculum that they had left, he also tried to further …show more content…

As the country started to get bigger and technology started to get slightly more complex, society needed to grow in the educational section. Horace Mann began the thought that a way to more make sure that the entire country would be on the same page and on the same level in the educational system was to make the curriculum more standardized. Before this, Puritans and Jefferson had left it up to the school and community to create the curriculum and how it is taught. This made it so that not everyone was taught the same and some got a better education while some had a school that was possibly not even considered a real education. Because of this, if a student had moved the would either be behind in the new school or really far ahead. Horace Mann saw this and introduced the McGuffy reader. This further took the bible out of the education system. This angered the most people thinking that children will no longer be taught the bible, however the United States had the separation of church and state and with the state starting to give more into the educational system the bible needed to go out. Horace Backed this up with saying “So the religious education which a child receives at school, is not imparted to him, for the purpose of making him join this or that denomination” (Mann 104). His point of saying this was so that people who were trying to keep religion in schools are practically forcing a religion that might not be the same as the students upon them instead of letting them choose for themselves. Since schools were now starting to be supported with taxes, the other point was if they incorporate religion they would have to incorporate all of them. Or there would be people who were paying to support something they didn’t believe in even though they had no choice in the matter. The most major of the differences between this era of Mann is the population has started to grow along with taxes starting to support the schools.

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