How Camus 'L' Étranger Changed My Life

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Dr. Garcia, My favorite quote about the purpose of writing is by Albert Camus. His book L’étranger was the first book that changed the way I thought about writing. It’s not a very complicated book, writing wise, but there is so much depth to the story. It helped me realize that writing can change someone’s perspective in a personal manner. Everyone reacts to writing in their own unique way. They also have their own unique writing styles. Personally, I think there is a great writer in everyone, it’s just the process of writing that can be hard. My current major is psychology, but I’m hoping to either double major or minor in English as well. I took a gap year before starting at Luther this year to help figure some things out about myself. I discovered that I have an incredible ability to help people. Over the year I kept debating on coming to college. The debate was between immediate gratification of my purpose, or an education that will help me change people’s lives even more. Luckily, I picked the latter. While rereading L’étranger, I dug up my passion for literature and writing. …show more content…

Being confident and able to write a good paper or response is the best to show your understanding of something. It’s not just a guess on a multiple choice question that determines your grade, but the way in which you understand the material. This is also why I love literature because my own perception of the writing can be completely different from the person sitting next to me in class, but it will still be right. As long as you can explain yourself in an understandable way through words anything can be

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