How Did Alexander II Modernize Russia

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Chapter two in our textbook discussed the reign of Alexander II over Russia. Alexander II became Tsar in 1855 after the death of his father, Nicholas I. Alexander was only thirty six years old when he began to rule over Russia. He was a ruler with high obligations and authority. During the beginning of Alexander’s rule, Russia was in a serious crisis. By 1855, Russia was in the middle of the the Crimean War. The war was against Great Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire. However, Russia ultimately lost that war and demonstrated to to Alexander that Russia needed to modernize its empire.
Tsar Alexander quickly recognized the importance of modernizing Russia after the Crimean War. A solution that Alexander proposed was to create a labor class for industrial production. In order to do do, …show more content…

The zemstvo (local government) reform was placed in early 1864, it introduced an electoral self- governing body that would be elected from all class groups. Overall, the basic points of the zemstvo reform was electivity, representation of all classes and self government. The second reform, judicial reform was placed in late 1864. Previous to the judicial reform, Russia had an awful judicial system that contained corruption, backlogged cases, unbalanced power, etc. With the help of this reform, Russia’s judicial system was transformed overnight. The judicial reform addressed the key problems in Russia’s judicial system and created more justice for it’s citizens. Overall, the judicial system was accepted and appreciated by Russia’s citizens. The last major reform was placed for Russia’s military. The reason for this reform was to modernize Russia’s military in an economically efficient manner. Due to Russia’s large amount of territory it required a strong military force to defend it’s people. Overall these were the reforms that were placed during Alexander’s

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