How Did Donald Trump Become President

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Donald Trump has been a successful businessman and is worth around $ 10 Billion but, now that he is running to become the president of the USA, how would he be as president? Only a year ago Donald Trump was considered as a joke, the one presidential candidate that everyone loved to hate. However, there is a real possibility now that he might actually become the president of the USA. Once everyone has stopped laughing over his implausible hair, creepy baby fingers, weird face or the atrocious Trump Tower, what are the 14 scary things that could happen if Donald Trump becomes the President of the USA. Let’s take a look.
Health Policy
Health policies have always been a major concern when it comes to USA and it might turn worse if Donald Trump becomes the president. This is mainly because …show more content…

He even went on to say that the ‘BlackLivesMatters’ movement have instigated the shooting of the police officers in the recent past, while the condition of the Muslims born in America is about to get worse as well. He has been an outright racist and says that he despises people of colour working in the country. He might pass a racist legislation and incite aggression and violence.
Women rights
Donald Trump’s view on women right is extremely disturbing as well. It he is elected as the president then it would be major concern for many women as his views and opinion when it comes to women are a far cry than what is socially acceptable.
Tear the Society Apart
Donald Trump’s views on society and an ideal social structure are irrational and delusional as many experts say. His ideals could easily tear the society apart.
Bad blood with UK

Donald Trump is not particularly kind when it comes to the Uk. There has been trading insult between many British officials and Trump. Based on his insults and responses there would be a major showdown between the two nations.

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