How Did Heratio Gates Influence The American Revolution

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Heratio Gates was Born on July 26, 1727, in Maldon, England (Kline). in 1745, he obtained a military commission with financial help from his parents, and political support from the Duke of Bolton. When he reached the age of 22, he joined the British army and fought at Halifax, Nova Scotia for the protection of Edward Cornwallis until 1750.In 1754, Gates rose to the position of captain and fought during the French and Indian War. (Scythes). When the word reached Gates of the outbreak of war, he rushed to Mount Vernon and offered his services to Washington. In june the Continental Congress began organizing the Continental Army. In accepting command, Washington urged the appointment of Gates as adjutant of the army(kline). On June 17, 1775, Congress commissioned Gates as a Brigadier General and Adjutant General of the Continental Army. He is considered to be the first Adjutant General of …show more content…

Gates' troops forced Burgoyne to surrender his 5,700 man army near Saratoga(Scythes). This victory, a major turning point of the American Revolution, convinced France to form an alliance with the Americans against Great Britain in 1778. Tensions between Gates and General George Washington grew immediately following Saratoga, after Gates informed Congress directly of his victory rather than informing his Commander. Washington was further angered that Gates did not promptly return troops sent to help Gates during the New York campaign. General Washington was also convinced that Gates played a role in the Conway Cabal, which was a supposed plot to remove Washington from command and replace him with Gates. In November 1777, Gates became president of the Board of War and technically became Washington's superior. Bickering continued between the two men as Gates drew up plans without consulting

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