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Homer Plessy, angered because of segregation laws in the 1890’s, specifically opposed the Separate Car Act. This allowed for a “whites only” car in trains. As a civil rights activist, Homer believed that the rights granted to him by the 13th and 14th amendments were being violated. Although mostly white, Plessy fought for equality for everyone. The passing of new segregation laws in the South spurred Plessy into action. Plessy was an active reformer from 1892, when he publicly opposed segregation, to 1896, when the Plessy vs. Ferguson case finally ended after four years.

2) What methods did Homer Plessy use to improve American life?
Plessy’s shining moment of activism included civil disobedience. After purchasing a first class ticket on the East Louisiana Railroad, Plessy took his spot in the “whites only” car. Despite protesting, Plessy was kicked out of the train after refusing to move the the colored section. Because he had broken Louisiana law, Plessy was then jailed for the night before posting bail. After being convicted of violating the law, Plessy petitioned the Supreme Court of the United States. Here, Plessy legally fought against segregation.

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The South, home to most African Americans in that time, sought out ways to legally exclude African Americans. Homer Plessy had decided to test new segregation laws that had been passed a year earlier. A few months prior, Daniel Desdunes had also sat in the whites-only section, and his case had never made it to trial. However, in Plessy’s case, the Supreme Court was able to rule the new laws constitutional in a seven to one decision; “separate but equal” would be completely legal if both sections are equal. These laws led the way for the Jim Crow laws and would not be considered unconstitutional for almost 58 years in the Brown vs. Board of Education

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