How Did James Monroe Impact On American History

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James Monroe will go down in history for many famous documents that improved the American foreign policy. Monroe fought in numerous wars alongside with famous revolutionary leaders, such as George washington and was close friends with Thomas Jefferson. Along with being a war hero he also helped win the war of 1812 with Madison as his Secretary of War. During his presidency, an important document, the Monroe Doctrine helped America set foreign policies and stand for power. James Monroe was a respected and well - rounded president, and will be remembered mostly for his impact on American foreign policy and creating ripples in the pool of American history as well as having an everlasting influence on our politics today. James Monroe was …show more content…

So Monroe left as Secretary of State. He had a background in politics and being a soldier helped improve his skillset. So as Secretary of War he lead watch party to watch of British soldiers as they came up the Potomac River. Then sent word to Madison to let them know the British were coming. The war was met with lasting rallies against it and the army was no treaty to fight the British, again. Monroe was in charge of the defense system in Washington D.C. The war ended moderately well with the Ghent Treaty and the nationalism was spreading across the growing country. In 1815 he resigned as Secretary of State and a few years later there was no amendment that said that the president couldn’t serve more than 2 terms. The Federalists were not strong people in politics and gave no candidate in Monroe’s first election and the Federalists voters were mad because they did not support the War of …show more content…

S. was growing fast and growing with opportunities/. The fights between political parties were starting to end. There was slavery problems. In the North there was no slavery and in the South there was slavery. Missouri wanted to become of Slave state and the North and South began fighting because if Missouri joined as a slave state that would throw off the balance of even number of slave and free states. So congress made a compromise, the Missouri compromise signed in 1820 - Missouri could join as a slave state and Maine had enough people to become a free state , so it did. Missouri Compromise started the outlawing of slavery in the Louisiana Territory. This also produced 2 new amendments. One was no new slaves are allowed in the state and two was all free slaves born after admission of the new

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