How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Showed Strange Behavior

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The murder was born In Milwaukee , Wisconsin in 1960 . Jeffrey showed strange behavior as a young boy .Jeffrey liked to look inside animal corpse and he seemed fascinated with it. Jeffrey also likes to get the dead animals off the side of the road and take them back home and look inside of them and just dissect them in his free time. At the age of 10 -15 jeffrey showed little to no interest in hobbies or social interactions with other kids . Jeffreys mid set did change and at a young age some how death and sex got mixed up with each other. During Jeffreys teen years he felt sexual feelings towards other men and boys . Jeffrey parents had another child that Jeffrey named David Dahmer . Jeffrey was still having issues and still unsocial, but …show more content…

Dahmer loved combat medic due to the fact that he loves to look inside dead people's bodies and he got to learn more about the body than ever before. Jeffrey soon was back to his old ways when Two soldiers said they were raped by Dahmer while in the army , one soldier stated that Dahmer had repeatedly raped him over a 17 month period and the other said he was drugged . In March 1981 Dahmer was discharged for alcohol abuse . After the army Dahmer lived on his own in Florida and soon his booze bills became more than his rent and he soon called his father to get money from him but his father just insisted on Jeffrey to live with him instead …show more content…

Jeffrey also tried to dig up a 18 year old dead, but failed and left due to the ground being too hard . In august 1986 Jeffrey was arrested for masturbating in front of two 12 year old boys . Later in November Jeffrey got his other victim and killed him . Jeffrey drugged him raped him and beat him to death . After that Jeffrey went on killing more people after that . Jeffrey on his 5 victims kept body parts and preserved them . jeffrey even started to eat his victims' bodies and keep the bodies as trophies . Dahmer took pictures of his dead victims and performed sexual acts , He did all this by simply luring men and young boys into his house

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