How Did King Louis 9 Improve Government

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King/Saint Louis IX has been improving our government since he first stepped onto the throne. He is the most generous, devoted, and honorable king France has ever seen! King Louis always puts his people first and does all he can to pursue his religious goals. I truly do believe that he fully lives up to his ‘Saint’ name. King Louis has done many things to improve his kingdom. However, one that has really stuck out to me is how he sent higher officials to check on the local officials. This was an excellent idea because it insures the people that everyone is doing their job. Also, this a perfect way to organize the government. If he didn't send people to check on the officials-- the people we depend on-- we risk the chance of people not doing their work or being accused of doing so. In that case, it would…show more content…
I personally love that he did this because this lessens the brutality in France. We should only be fighting wars that are significant and will help us grow as a nation. We should not be losing our men and starting wars over something so trivial. Also, this idea produces peace and unity to our land. With less wars, we can actually focus on pleasurable things like music, art, writing, etc. Who knows, we might even hit a golden age! France is an amazing kingdom-- especially under King Louis reign-- and we should be doing things to make it stronger and great, not tear it down.
There have been many great kings to rule France. However, King Louis is the best king we have and most likely will see in a long time! Unlike other kings who just want power and money, King Louis truly tries his hardest to do what's best for all his people. He has improved our government in multiple ways. Two of my favorite things are sending higher officials to check on the local officials and how he outlawed private wars. King Louis IX is an extraordinary King and I am positive he will a huge impact on
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