How Did Life Influence Theodore Roosevelt's Life

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Life experiences shape our outlook on life and help influence our stance on varieties of issues. These experiences help us formulate and construct innovate ideas to formulate solutions to tasks in our lives. Theodore Roosevelt’s background was a driving factor in his experiences in the Spanish American War, which not only shaped his political and environmental prospective, but also influenced today’s political climate. Theodore Roosevelt had a strong background in nature and his background was his driving force to volunteer for the Spanish American War. As a young boy, while growing up in New York, one of his daily hobbies was analyzing species and sub species characteristics. He developed this habit after discovering Darwin’s writings at an early age. He attended Harvard and attained an undergraduate degree. In Harvard, he objectively studied nature…show more content…
George W. Bush, while president, passed a cap-and-trade program to curtail acid rain. Bill Clinton, while president, built an environmental legacy working to protect around 58 million acres of national forest from roadbuilding and logging. President Obama has also used his executive power to designate eighty-seven thousand acres as a national monument. In this year’s presidential election, candidates like Hilary Clinton and the Jill Stain are taking a strong stand in protecting the environment against human caused climate change. In conclusion, it was because of Theodore Roosevelt’s unique background and experience that enabled him to facilitate a Conservationist movement. This Conservationist movement brought an innovative ideology which encouraged the promotion and preservation of wildlife and our environment. Roosevelt’s leadership not only affected the era of his leadership, but Conservationism carries into present time in aspects of various presidential programs and
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