How Did Martin Luther King Affect Society

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Martin Luther King Jr. had an enormous role in shaping our United States society. His rough upbringing would fire his passion to see a change in all the laws on segregation. Still after the emancipation proclamation had been signed by our 16th president 100 years before, America still faced laws that separated African Americans and whites from living together in society. These discriminative laws made it unfortunate for any black family to live comfortably in the Untied States. King died for what he believed in and because of that, he shaped our culture and society to what it is today. All of King’s life he achieved all that he put his mind to. Being birthed to a black pastor and a former school teacher, King was fortunate to go to a segregated public school. King attended Morehouse College, where he studied law and medicine. He later decided to answer the call to ministry like his father and enrolled in a graduate program at Boston University. He completed his courses and earned a doctorate in systematic theology two years after enrolling in the university. King ended up settling in Montgomery, Alabama where he pastored a church for many years. Many of King’s speeches and letters are influenced by his religious beliefs and because of …show more content…

It is here where King gave his most memorable speech known as the “I Have a Dream” speech. This speech was based off King’s yearning for equality and peace in America. He did an excellent job in painting a mental picture for every individual present of what he believed would become the future society in the United States. This day had an enormous part in the passage of the Civil Rights of 1964. A year later King helped lead another campaign that forced Congress the Voting Rights Act, which guaranteed everyone in the Untied States a right to

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