How Did Oglala Lakota Indians Contribute To A Social Problem

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On February 27th, 1973, hundreds of Oglala Lakota Indians and AIM (American Indian Movement) members arrived at Wound Knee in South Dakota to protest. These armed protesters occupied Wounded Knee in order to voice their needs and concerns as citizens. Oglala Lakota members attempted to impeach their tribal chairman Richard Wilson, who they claimed to be “corrupt, authoritarian, and biased against full-blooded and traditional Indians” (The Learning Network). Activists were demanding a review of previously broken treaties along with federal investigation into reservation corruption. Unfortunately, all they received was the National Guard and hundreds of police offices confining them until they surrendered. The extreme poverty, unemployment, and unfair treatment faced by the Oglala Lakota Indians lead to a social problem. …show more content…

The Oglala Lakota Indians felt their rights and values from government treaties were not being abided by, and they believed their condition could be positively altered. While there were many shoot-outs during this incident, it all came to an end after the second death of an Oglala Lakota tribe member. The lack of human rights and government support lead to the violent reaction of some Oglala Lakota members, a great example of how a social problem can lead to violence.
The conflict perspective views violence as a tool to enhance or protect one’s own interest. The Oglala Lakota Indians felt their needs or “interests” weren’t being met by their tribal chairman or the United States Government, and decided to take action.

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