How Did Peter The Great Rule Russia

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Peter the Great ruled Russia for many years as both Tsar and Emperor. He was known for his intense and crafty leadership where his political and social changes led to the modernization of Russia. At times Peter was a cruel leader and ordered executions of many followers and would execute men with his own bare hands. During his time in power Peter was considered “Peter the Great” by many followers. He was no doubt a great leader and ruler in Russia and wanted his supporters to earn a good education. He concentrated on many areas including developing science and technology, encouraged trade, modernized the alphabet and produced the first newspaper in Russia. He was adored by many in Russia and especially in St. Petersburg. Although Peter the Great was a harsh man who inherited his titles through his father, who died at a young age where his leadership, education reform, military accomplishments and government reorganization to Russia certainly shows he deserved the title of “the Great”. As a young child and Tsar of Russia, Peter discovered the importance of knowledge and …show more content…

To resolve this issue Peter formed Russia’s first standing army in 1699 and invested heavily in its training. Alongside the army Peter also established the first real navy that secured a number of noteworthy victories, including the capture of Ottoman City of Azov. Additionally the victory of the Northern War of 1700-1721 achieved access to the Baltic Sea opening direct relationships between Russia and European countries. Soldiers from both the navy and army received proper training to create standardization and power. The formation of these strong and powerful military services enabled Peter to expand the size of Russia through armed

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