How Did Queen Victoria Impact Society

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Queen Victoria was Queen of Great Britain from1837 to1901 and in 1876 Empress of India. Victoria was born in London, the only child of George III fourth son, Edward, and Victoria Maria Louisa. When her father died, Victoria became the heir in June 1837. Victoria became queen at age 18. Lord Melbourne, was Queen Victoria’s political adviser and confidant, he helped teach the queen the complexity of being a monarch. At a young age Victoria, had a comprehensible understanding of constitutional principles she knew the extent of her privilege. In 1840 she married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, they had four sons and five daughters. Influenced heavily by her husband, they worked great together and loved each other very much. When he died in 1861 she went into seclusion, failing to do her job. The people were not happy and started a rebellion. …show more content…

Queen Victoria had great influence over foreign affairs. The marriages of her children had important diplomatic, and ancestral implications in Europe. Victoria's 63 year reign is the longest of any female monarch in history. Current biography’s state that “Queen Victoria was emotional, obstinate, honest, powerful, and treated people fairly”. Queen Victoria changed many laws during her rule, including making school mandatory. She was innovative in technology and helped to change the agricultural

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