Abigail Adams Rights

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One of the major goals of the civil rights movement was not only to make all people equal but to give women more rights. In the United States, women were not treated equally and they weren 't able to do the types of things men were allowed to do. Today, women and men are given the same rights. Abigail Adams changed the way society looked at women. Without Abigail Adams, it might have took longer for women to get rights of maybe not even at all. Abigail Adams had many challenges to overcome in her early life. Including family issues and potential jobs. Adams was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on November 11,1744. Her mother was Elizabeth Quincy, and her father was William Smith. Before Abigail Adams got married to her husband John Adams she didn 't have a job. The reason being is because she was ill most of her life. She married at age 19 in 1764, and the next chapter in her life would be to start a family. “...she raised four children, Abigail, John Quincy, Charles, and Thomas Boylston,”(history). As a mom in that time period, she stayed home and still didn 't have a job other than being a stay at home mom. Abigail Adams was the first, first lady to live in the White House. Before John Adams became president, he was a lawyer. “In the 1700’s, John Adams became involved in revolutionary politics,”(history). He was later elected as president meaning that Abigail Adams would be the first lady. She was the first lady from 1797-1801. John Adams wasn 't elected to stay for an
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