How Did James Monroe Impact Society

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James Monroe, the fifth and last president of the Revolutionary Generation, was a historical figure who had made the most lasting impact on the United States. Through the years of his presidency (known as the “Era of Good Feelings”), Monroe took several actions using his leadership qualities to create America’s most influential impacts; he had strengthened our economy, caused our nation to be more independent, and shaped the country to be who we are today. Because of these influences, James Monroe made the most lasting impact on the United States. During the years of 1818-1820, James Monroe had showed that he was a deliberate thinker. At the beginning of his presidency, Monroe signed the Treaty of 1818 with Britain to establish the boundary between Canada and the United States at the 49th parallel. Without the Treaty of 1818, the United State’s relationship with Britain wouldn’t be as …show more content…

As a matter of fact, everyone who knows about James Monroe and what he did believes that his actions had made a lasting impact on the United States.(10) If you don’t think that James Monroe had the most lasting impact, then you’ve got the wrong facts. As president, he spent several years, impacting the nation and shaping it to present day’s United States. His strengthening in the economy had helped the nation become more successful today.(8) His actions in the Monroe Doctrine had helped our nation become more democratic to the point where Americans have the freedom they didn’t have before.(8) His actions of acquiring land in 1818, 1819, and 1820 had shaped our nation to what it looks like today.(8) Without all of these impacts, we wouldn’t have the United States we have

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