How Did Simon Bolivar Contribute To Latin American Independence

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Latin American Independence is unimaginable without Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar wanted equality, and had an extremely strong desire for glory. He was the liberator of six nations, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and was know as the George Washington of South America. Simon Bolivar, was born into an upscale, wealthy family, and was educated at a young age. In Europe, he learned about the concept of the Enlightenment which drove him to overrun the reigning Spanish. Through his military campaigns, he dethroned spanish rulers from Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. At one point, Simon controlled territory from the Caribbean Sea to The Argentine border. Simon Bolivar's vision of an independent Spanish America would have never …show more content…

Latin America had extremely gruesome battles such as, the Battle of Carabobo which had over 2,000 casualties, and the Battle of Boyaca which had 100 casualties and 150 injured. The French Revolution also had a great deal of horrendous battles such as, the Storming of the Bastille which killed almost 100 people and ended up with someone's head being placed on a stick. In addition, the French Revolution included the Reign of Terror, which was a period of time in France where over a thousand people were executed by guillotine, in order to eliminate enemies of the revolution. The French Revolution greatly impacted Latin American independence because it showed that the people could overrun a monarchy. Without the French Revolution setting an example, Latin American Independence wouldn't have occurred. As Well as similarities, there are many differences from Latin American Independence, to the French Revolution. In Latin America people wanted independence from the reigning Spanish who were controlling them from thousands of miles away. Unlike the people of France, who were displeased with King Louis XVI who wasn't controlling from overseas. In addition, after the French Revolution the Catholic Church lost power and after Latin American Independence, the church gained

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