How Did Susan B Anthony Contribute To The World

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Living in 21st century America, everyone is used to having equal rights, no matter their color or gender. But it was not always that way. About 150 years ago, women and men were not equal. Women were not allowed to vote or even publicly speak. If you were extremely poor or from a foreign country, you would very likely be sold into slavery. There were many people and many movements for each of these issues. But there was one person, one woman, who was a huge part of it. Her name was Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony contributed to the world by helping to free slaves and helping women gain rights. The first way that Susan B. Anthony contributed to the world was by helping to free slaves. When she was a kid, her father was part of the anti-slavery movement. A group of people …show more content…

In that time she campaigned from door to door, in meetings, and in legislatures. Her first major victory was the passage in the New York State Married Women's Property and Guardianship Law in 1860. It gave married women who lived in New York better property rights (Davis 1). She also started her own board called the National Woman Suffrage Association. They had a weekly article called The Revolution which they started in 1868 (Anthony 2). It went bankrupt in 1870, but Anthony traveled the country for six years trying to raise money to fund it as well as pay off its debt. One of the rights that the organizations were campaigning for was the women's right to vote. In 1872, they decided to make that happen. Susan B. Anthony, along with fifteen other women, became the first women to vote (Davis 1). They were quickly arrested, but didn't mind, for they had just made a huge victory. After being bailed out, Anthony wrote up an argument titled Is It a Crime For a U.S. Citizen to Vote? and took it to the Supreme Court (Anthony 2). She lost her case and was sent to jail a second

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