How Did The Berlin Wall Contribute To The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Construction of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis contributed to the United States and Soviet Union battle because they both are excuses to try and prove who is the most powerful; they contributed to the arms race between the superpowers.

The Construction of the Berlin Wall was a wall that was built to separate East Berlin from West Berlin. It is said that the wall, built by the Soviet Union, was not to keep the East out, but rather to keep the West in. The Soviet Union was afraid that people would join the United States forces and leave the communism belief system, so they decided to trap the people they claim they "honor". The wall was essentially built was to prevent opposing forces such as democracy from coming into their communistic community. This wall proves the Soviet Union's intense devotion to beating the United States in the Cold War. …show more content…

Fought with ballistic missiles, the Soviet Union tried to prove their power to the United States by dropping deadly contraptions upon Cuba's soil. Although the superpowers wanted the rest of the world to believe that it was a "good cop vs. bad cop" situation, their main priority was to out-smart their opponent, regardless of whether or not this may sabotage their "good cop" position. This crises proves how far the superpowers were willing to go for a victory in the long run.

The Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis were both excuses for the United States and the Soviet Union to try and prove their power to the rest of the world and push their opponent down. Both instances were only adding fire to the already blistering arms race battle between the superpowers during the Cold War Era.

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