How Did The Dust Bowl Affect People

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The Dust Bowl was a hard time during the great depression. The Dust Bowl negatively affected people in a personal way. The dust was hard to keep away. People fled and left everything. The drought made things worst and the environment was horrible to live in. People couldn’t even touch each other without getting shocked.
It was hard to keep the dirt away.“The simplest acts of life — breathing, eating a meal, taking a walk — were no longer simple.”("About The Dust Bowl")This sentence proves that it was hard to live with dirt everywhere it was even harder to keep it away. Another quote that proves my topic is ¨Children wore dust masks to and from school, women hung wet sheets over windows in a futile attempt to stop the dirt.”("About The Dust
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The drought lasted 8 long years.(Burns) The drought lasted 8 years and it caused many families to go thirsty. The black blizzard was so strong with electricity people could even touch each other without a shock.“Men avoided shaking hands for fear of shocks that could knock a person to the ground.” (Burns)The Dust Storms were so large and full of electricity that it caused men to get a serious shock by only touching each other.
The environment was hard to live in.Proof that the environment was hard is “Gradually, the land was laid bare, and significant environmental damage began to occur.” ("The Dust Bowl") After a period of time in the Dust Bowl the land was bare and could no longer be used for planting or farming and it was just sand.
People’s personal lives were affected dreadfully. “The simplest acts of life — breathing, eating a meal, taking a walk — were no longer simple.”. The Dust Bowl was a eerie era caused by poor farming and a race for money, America hopes it will not happen
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