How Did The Enlightenment Impact The American Revolution

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During the Enlightenment there were lots of important and impacting philosophers. The Enlightenment was an 18th century European movement in which thinkers attempt to apply the principles of reasons and the scientific method to all aspects of society. A very impacting philosopher by the name of John Locke had a great impact on American Revolution and French Revolution. impacting the US Declaration of independence, constitution, & Declaration of the Rights of Man. The philosopher was big impact on the American and French Revolutions. Locke believe all people are born free and equal with three natural rights life, liberty, and property. Locke’s theory had a deep influence on modern political thinking. The belief in progress gave people the confidence that human reason could solve social problems. The rise of individualism encourage people to use their own ability to reason in order to judge what was right or wrong. Enlightenment …show more content…

Before the French Revolution the old regime was the political and social system that existed in France. Under the old regime France was divided into three large social classes or estates. 1st estate being the church, 2nd estate being the nobles, and the 3rd estate was the peasants & others the largest estate. Members of the 3rd estate were inspired by the success of the American Revolution and begin to demand equality, liberty, and democracy. 3rd estate delegate name themselves the National Assembly that could pass laws and make reforms in the name of the French people. The National Assembly then wrote the Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Commoners were now considered equal to the nobles and clergy and ending the old regime. They believed all men were born free and equal similar to what Locke believed in. The Enlightenment ideas influenced the American Revolution and the American Revolution influenced the French

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