How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect My Life

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We take our overnight shipping, family night outings for pizza, and fancy flat screens all for granted. The production of or accessibility to any of these items would be completely impossible without the Industrial Revolution. This era completely changed the way life is done. We have instant messaging, the option of food being delivered right to our door and many more revolutionized options. The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point for our world, the effects, inventions and developments have positively impacted my life, along with the world.
Before the start of the Industrial Revolution everything used or produced was done manually. With the invention of machinery not only did the process of production become faster is was done better. More products were being made in bigger quantities and the opportunity of many jobs were being created. The emergence of the middle class had a huge impact, this now meant the middle class could buy not only what they needed but had money left over to actually live life. Technology of farming improved, which …show more content…

This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the Industrial Revolution. I do not come from a rich background, everything we have, we have because of hard work. Due to the great inventions of machines and improvements of technology that lead the middle class to be able to live great lives I am very grateful for. I myself could not even begin to imagine how life would be working out of my house as a child and even now as a sixteen year old. Factories opening up impacted my family by creating jobs for generations in the past to provide for their families that later lead to me being in this world. I am of course obsessed with my cell phone, love shopping online, as well as keeping up with my favorite sports teams on the television. It's still hard for a teenager these days to believe there was ever a world without all these

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