How Did The Little Rock Nine Affect Society

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How has the Little Rock Nine affected the fairness and equality of society?

Racial segregation has been a major obstacle and challenge for people of color in the United States. Segregated states placed constitutional laws that restricted certain areas of residence for people of color and ban black people to share access to services and public facilities including hospitals and schools that white people took part in. The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine black students who were enrolled in an all white school. Their presence was a test of Brown v. Board of Education, a landmark ruling that allowed desegregated public schools. The law was a major movement in creating fairness and equality amongst society members.

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The group represented hope for colored people. A chance for a possible future where equal rights are distributed everywhere and racial segregation to be eradicated once and for all. Their attendance brought attention to racial segregation issues faced by colored people not just in schools but many public facilities and services. Many social protests like the freedom riders and the Montgomery bus boycott took place during that time period. They all fought for the civil rights movement. Black people wanted an equal opportunity in life , they wanted an equal chance like their white counterparts. Richard Kahlenberg said “We were accustomed to having schools segregated by race. We in essence had a system of apartheid in our schools that had been widely accepted in the south. The Little Rock Nine were an incredibly courageous group of African Americans that stood up and said this system of apartheid, which had been struck down by a supreme court decision, could not stand.” The source could be both primary and secondary. Primary because he experienced what the apartheid system was and secondary because he did not witness the Little Rock Nine first hand. It came from a senior fellow at The Century Foundation who experted in education, civil rights, and equal opportunity. The purpose of the quote was to give an general visual of the apartheid system and his thoughts on the Little Rock Nine. The content of the quote says that apartheid system were accustomed between societies and that the Little Rock Nine were brave and stood up to what they believe in. The quote is valuable because it describes an outer visual of the apartheid system during that time period. The source has limitations which are: the source did not provide experiences undergone by black students attending a previously all white school. The Little Rock Nine was a primary advancement in the civil rights movement. It

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