How Does Globalization Affect Chinese Culture

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As Yu(2008) says, globalization represents a worldwide transformation of historical significance. Based on worldwide economic integration, globalization is characterized by intrinsic, inseparable, and intensified interrelations across the globe. Apparently, during the process of globalization, Chinese community has been affected on every aspect strongly nowadays. China also has developed a lot under the process of globalization, especially in economy, politics, culture, etc. Speaking of Chinese culture, China is a country with an ancient civilization and a long history, and culture has always been an outstanding feature of its national strength.(Cheng, 2008) As far as Chinese culture is concerned, the influence of globalization first became apparent following the "New Culture Movement" of the early twentieth century.(Yu,…show more content…
Some scholars have pointed out that “globalization has fueled economic developments in both developed and developing countries, but has also intensified both positive and negative interdependence among national and religious cultures”. ( Chiu, C., Gries, P., Torelli, C. J., & Cheng, S. Y. 2011) It is a general problem which is not happening in China only. Besides, people’s values may have changed through the process of world globalization in the aspects of cultural psychology and cultural identity. According to my knowledge, Chinese now even attach more importance to western festivals such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day rather than our own traditional festivals. What’s more, the process of the fusion of different culture has been accelerated, which may cause cultural conflicts among different countries that can also be a great threat to national security. Inequality as a product of globalization exists in all spheres of economic, political and social life(Andresska,
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