Physical Activity Affects People's Economy

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Do you want to add years to your life? Sports improves our health and save people form many diseases. Also, it is turning into an action of expanding significance as the time goes. people take an interest in sports, additional time is spent watching sport and even clubs in financial matters furthermore, techniques. This expanding significance has brought about (approach) concentrates attempting to gauge the monetary esteem created by sport. Moreover, physical activity can improve people’s life and help them to get high marks in school or high performance on work. In fact, Physical activity is term used to describe any kind of everyday activity where the body’s movement burns calories. For example, walking upstairs, playing football, cleaning floor, and washing dishes. The physical activity may affect person’s health, mental state and economical situations.
One of the effects of physical activity on people that it makes their bodies healthy. In
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Firstly, physical activity make people healthier and save human body from different diseases and health problems. Moreover, it helps people to control their weight control some diseases. Secondly, physical activity improves individuals mentally and it can help them to get rid of many mental problems. Also, it makes people have high self-confidence and enhances self-esteem. Finally, physical activity can affect countries’ economy positively. In fact, sport economy is fast growing filed and countries should pay attention to it. Because sport events attract tourists and fans which increase the outcome. Moreover, sport equipment and exercise tools are very important and no one can dispense it. People should care about practicing physical activity and make their children doing many activities. Also, government should make some rules to improve physical activity on schools and the other education

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