How Does The Owl Characterize Antonio's Use Of Archetype

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Luis Manzanares
Ms. Fawcett
English 2 – 5th
15 September 2015
BMU Seminar Questions
1. The existence of magic is never really questioned, the characters always seem to believe in some sort of mystical power. For instance, “God had power. He spoke and the thunder echoes trough the skies. The Virgin was full of a quiet peaceful love:”
(pg. 44 Anaya). This demonstrates Antonio’s faiths in the Virgin Guadalupe and God. He strongly believes they have power and can do unhuman feats. This we can also see in many other characters with different beliefs.

2. One archetype is the way the student made fun of Antonio for having a different type of lunch. For example, “My mother had packed a small jar of hot beans and some good, green chile wrapped in …show more content…

Owls are symbolic for their stereotype of them being wise and care takes. Ultmas Owl plays the role of being the care taker of Antonio and his family. For instance, “I heard an owl singing, and I heard its whirling wings. I saw is wise face and fluttering at the window” (pg.100. This shows how even when they were lifting the curse of Lucas, the owl was always there.

4. One significance the Golden Carp had is it made Tony’s belief in Catholicism fail. For instance, “But I want to believe… It’s just that I have to believe in Him?” (Chapter 11 Anaya). The existence of the Golden Carp was very hard for them to believe, for they still had the faith of Catholics. Sometimes it is hard for people to believe in something else when they already have faith in one thing.

5. Cico trusted Antonio with the secret because he was a fisherman, and all of them are considered magical people. For example, “Because you are a fisherman…there are no rules on who we trust Tony, just a felling” (pg. 110 Anaya). This demonstrates the trust on Antonio was because he was a special person and can be trusted. The Carp shows Tony that there may not just be one powerful being and the earth may be composed of many powerful …show more content…

It demonstrates the fact that The Golden Carp has prepared an end to the town if the towns’ people keep sinning. For illustration, “He said that the sins of the people would weigh so heavy on the land that at the end the whole town would collapse and be swallowed by water. This represents that the Golden Carp made it in the way that is was possible to devour the whole town in water.

7. The death of Lupito balances the way he killed the sheriff. “Reynaldo has brought the news, my brother is dead…Chavez’ brother was the sheriff in town” (pg. 16 Anaya). This represents on how there always must be a balance, and in this instance it was The Sheriff and Lupitos death.

8. He added it to give some suspicion to the character on what happened. “Whether someone had broken the cross they made or whether they had fallen, I would never know”. Anaya does this to make the reader his own decision of what happened. Also to make the reader raise

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