How Does Victor Get Sympathy In Frankenstein

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As Mary Shelley crafts the story Frankenstein, she tells the tale of VIctor and the Creature. When looking at which of them deserves pity, there are many things to take into account. The Creature is more deserving of sympathy because he is an orphan, a lonely individual, and an intimidation. Finally, the Creature is feared because of the intimidating appearance that Victor has given him. As he wanders around all through the book, people flee from his fearsome appearance. Every time someone sees him they run in fear even though they do not know him. The scars on his face have made him fit in nowhere in the world. Although he is not meaning to scare people, he does when he comes up to them. They yell things like “ugly wretch, hideous monster” (384) at him. This is evidence that Victor did not put much thought into …show more content…

He is so tall that no one is able to just look at him because of his stature. Victor was trying to create him to be able to say that he has successfully brought something to life. He was not thinking about how it would make his creation feel if it actually came to life. Another reason the Creature deserves more sympathy is because he is uniquely alone. When the creature enters into the world he finds that he does not fit in with others, nor does he know how things are done. He has to go about with things by himself to figure out how things are done in the world around him, although there is not anything else like him in this world. The Creature must go and find somewhere to live and something to eat by himself even though he does not know anything about the world nor does anyone know anything about him. Although he is just looking for somewhere to go, he wanders through town just trying to figure out where to go, he scares the people in town and then after so much of the yelling from people in fear he leaves the town. Once he leaves town, he

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