How Does Victor Present Elizabeth's Relationship In Frankenstein

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Victor Frankenstein’s relationship with his sister, Elizabeth, is very intimate, to the brink of over-possessive. He demonstrates an innate association of ‘ownership’ towards Elizabeth. His intense fondness for Elizabeth is due to the prior lack of companionship during his childhood. He’s been the sole target of his parents’ affection for many years as they traveled. The constant traveling caused Victor to feel isolation, due to only having his parents as companions. Therefore, his innate instinct to Elizabeth is very feral where he views her as solely his. The concept of ‘ownership’ originated from a child-like mentality. Victor is originally presented his sister as an object, by his mom, who is interpreted seriously and accepts the responsibility. …show more content…

The establishment of Elizabeth as a part of the family at a younger age counterbalanced these factors because they were raised together. There is no maltreatment from Victor for not truly being his blood related sister, because there isn’t a complete comprehension that she was even different from him. Additionally, her youth factors into her appeal and made it difficult to persecute her due to her innocence. Furthermore, another factor which allowed for their amiable relationship is their vastly contrasting personalities. Victor’s disposition is introverted and inquisitive, whereas Elizabeth is very sociable, gregarious and accepting of the unknown. Furthermore, Victor has been shaped to have Romantic ideals of the fortunate helping the less fortunate because of his parent’s influence. Elizabeth comes from a destitute background and Victor accepts her into his warm family. Gender also plays a role, because Elizabeth’s his only younger sister which is another unique influence due to the time period being set in a patriarchal society, where girls should be treated well and kindly. This is shown how Victor never bothers to even mention his two younger brothers, which may be due to a large age difference. Elizabeth becomes even more significant in Victor’s life, because she’s the main female influence after his mother

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