How Immigration Laws And Policies Impact The Latinx Community

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Did you ever wonder how immigration laws and policies impact the Latinx community in both offensive and helpful ways? If you want to learn more read this essay. There were nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States in 2017, approximately 18% of the total U.S. population. ( There was a boycott led by Cesar Chavez and the whole point was so the immigrant farm workers could have better work conditions and for them get paid more. (Mexican immigration history) In 1862 the U.S. made a law so that Chinese people could not come into the U.S. and the reason for that was because they were discriminated against and believed that they would take their jobs. (Immigration to the united states) In this essay, I will discuss how immigration …show more content…

citizens were deported on the suspicion that they were Mexican, hundreds and thousands of Mexican immigrants especially farmworkers were sent out of the country in the 1930s”(Mexican immigration history)There was a law that was created because the citizens and the government did not want them and wanted to get rid of them so they would not be in the country.” As a result, hostility toward immigrant workers grew, and the government began a program of sending immigrants back to Mexico. Many were either tricked or forced to make the trip.”(Mexican immigration history)There was a large part of the community in the united states that showed a lot of hate towards them and caused the government to kick them out of the country. In conclusion, there are a lot of laws that are very unfair and cruel towards the Latinx community just because they were thought to be a big impact on the community in a negative way when they did not do anything to cause …show more content…

Farmworkers that had at least ninety days of employment or more could qualify for lawful permanent residency.¨( is how the government tried to help immigrants and created some laws to make sure that they were also getting some fair treatment.” In 1942 the U.S. created a program to encourage Mexicans to come to the U.S. that was called braceros. They were paid very low and they would have to work under conditions that most people in the U.S. would not accept. More than 5 million Mexicans came to the U.S. and stayed. ¨(Mexican immigration history) This positively impacted the Latinx community because, at a certain time, the government had paid the immigrants to work for them and brought them over to the United States. In conclusion, immigration laws can help out the Latinx community by giving them opportunities and helping them grow and have a better life than they had wherever they came

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