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Case Study: Chipotle 1. Is Chipotle a socially responsible organization? Social responsibility is defined as “proactive behaviors for the benefit of society,” and that is what the Chipotle Corporation is all about (Neck, sec 6.3). Currently, food corporations have no legal obligation to go above and beyond to serve the society as a whole; it is understood that maximizing profits – in any way possible - is the number one priority. However, as today’s society slowly becomes more health conscious, many fast food corporations are gradually switching from a defensive approach (where responsibility is recognized, but only the minimum is done), to a more proactive approach that involves finding solutions to problems that are putting our society …show more content…

Therefore, it is understandable that many fast food corporations are working under a reactive approach – “deny(ing) responsibility for social problems and respond(ing) only when legally required” (Neck, sec 6.3). With over one third of U.S adults living in obesity there is no question about the need for rapid change within the fast food industry (Childhood Obesity Facts). However, fast food corporations cannot be blamed for consumers’ lack of self-control, but the corporations should take responsibility - which Chipotle does - for the incredibly unhealthy ingredients that trigger food addiction and create life-threatening diseases. Compared to Chipotle, the vast majority of fast food restaurants serve previously frozen processed foods that are either filled with harmful ingredients such as added sugar, salt and preservatives, or for example dimethylpolysiloxane; which is a silicon that you normally find in industry oils, but is used by fast food restaurants to keep oil in the fryer last longer (Neal). Chipotles’ mission statement says “Day after day we’re committed,” it is wholly committed to providing the consumer with a more health conscious food option - free from added ingredients and unnatural preservatives (Chipotle). So, just because there are a few natural high-calorie/high-fat items on the menu, does not change the fact that Chipotle benefits society …show more content…

We all know that children have a say in where to go for dinner and since our children are the building blocks of our future, I would start theoretical and practical food education programs – sponsored by Chipotle - at our schools. I believe it is essential for children to understand the significance of organic non-processed food at an early age. I would sponsor community gardens in elementary schools in which children would prepare the soil, then plant and harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. To educate parents, children would take home booklets with work problems that would require the participation of their parents or guardians. I would also introduce “Chipotle Health Week” to high school aged students, with the goal of raising awareness to the importance of consuming highly nutritious food. Together with health, home economics, wellness or physical education classes that would compare “good and bad” food choices, students would then write food logs and analyze their food intake. At the end of the week I would have Chipotle sponsor a cooking class for each participating school where students can come to a Chipotle restaurant and watch the preparation that goes in to cooking their

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