How Is Thomas Jackson Successful

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Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson Lahti, Chad 4A Mountain View High School Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson After gaining leadership skills and experience serving in the Mexican-American War, Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson became a Confederate General. Known for his brilliant military strategies, he was able to gain many successful victories against the Union. Before the war, Jackson taught philosophy and artillery tactics at Virginia Military Institute (Of Generals and Soldiers). Jackson chose to remain loyal to his home state when Virginia seceded on April 17, 1861 (Doak, 45). Jackson became known as one of the greatest leaders and most skillful commanders of the Civil War by defeating Union troops much larger than his own, and turning certain defeats into victories (Doak, 12). …show more content…

During the first Battle of Bull Run, Jackson’s fearlessness encouraged retreating Confederate soldiers to turn around and hold firm (Doak, 53). If Jackson’s soldiers hadn’t stayed and fought, the Union could have captured the Confederate capitol in Richmond, Virginia and won the Civil War. Jackson always made sure that his troops scavenged guns and ammo from dead enemies to make sure they had extra supplies (Doak, 56). He organized extremely successful military maneuvers at the battles of Front Royal, Winchester, Cross Keys, and Port Republic in the spring of 1862 (T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson). He made more epic showings at Second Manassas (Second Battle of Bull Run) and then again in Sharpsburg at the Battle of Antietam (T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson). Following these events, Jackson was promoted to lieutenant general (T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson). In December of 1862, he commanded a victory at Fredericksburg, and then the famous flank march at Chancellorsville (T.J. “Stonewall”

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