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On October 29, 1929, the U.S. fell into a Great Depression. During this time the economy and stock market had completely failed leading America into an economic ditch. According to Ben Isaacs, “Then I couldn’t pay the rent. I had a little car… I sold it for $15 in order to buy some food for the family.” At this point in time, poverty and unemployment reached its peak. This left thousands and thousands of people jobless, homeless, and needy. According to Document 7, it shows that during 1933 unemployment had reached its peak of 25% of people in the U.S. were unemployed. A few years later in 1933 the New Deal was passed, this was FDR’s attempt to help America recover and have a strong economy again. The New Deal provided jobs, security, and hope. On Document 1 it states, “Civilian Conservation Corps… Created jobs for young men in areas of forestry, conservation, and construction of recreation areas.” This is one of the policies that was included in FDR’s New Deal.

One success of the New Deal was the National Recovery Administration, NRA for short. This was the most successful program in the New Deal because it kept factories products stable, …show more content…

The FDIC was very successful and it lasted so long because it protected bank depositors. Back then it had protected individual deposits up to $2,500 (Social Studies Textbook). This was good because it gave people faith in their banks. Another lasting change that was brought by the New Deal was the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC for short. This was such a successful program that was included in the New Deal because it protected people investing and it protected illegal actions and unfair practices. According to article 1, “This agency was created to protect investors from unfair practices in the stock market.”. This protected the stock market to insure security making the stock market more

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