How To Promote African American Equality

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During the 20th Century, Native Americans, African American, and women fought for equal political and social rights. The end of World War I brought with it, a series of movements and activist fighting for equality. The war called for the help of everyone including Native Americans, African Americans and women therefore they felt more empowered to speak out against inequalities and push for equality. The 20th century saw the beginning of many organizations promoting equality such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), National Women’s Party, and the National Congress of American Indians all of which promoted equal rights by organizing rallies, participating in protests and giving powerful speeches. By the Progressive Era (1900-1916), the women’s suffrage campaign grew and “the National American Women Suffrage Association grew from 13,000 to 2 million” in 24 years. This association was founded by Alice Paul. She along with other scholarly activist women organized protests such as chaining themselves to the white house’s fence. Other ways they fought for women’s rights were “suffrage floats” and marches such as the women’s suffrage march in 1913. Although white women had gained the right to vote, many African American women continued to suffer from the poll taxes and literacy test keeping them from enjoying these new rights. One of the most …show more content…

Organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians in 1944 advocated for improved healthcare, educational opportunities, protection of Indian land rights, increased veteran’s benefits and many more Indian rights. The Point Nine program in 1954 brought up critical questions regarding land, water resources, planning credit, land purchase, and job training. Other associations such as The association on American Indian Affairs brought tribal spokesmen and would have annual

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