Pam Houston How To Talk To A Hunter Analysis

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Concealing the Truth
People have countless ways to express how they are feeling. One possibility can be writing a story to hide the ugly truth. One very interesting short story was written named How to talk to a hunter by Pam Houston. When reading the story we understand that it’s about a couple with both individuals having problems. However, we don’t get names throughout the story, besides pronouns that are in second person. So by not telling us whose eyes we are seeing this through, we the reader must infer who is in the story. In brief, the author choose to write in second person, to conceal her identity however also to warn people about the possibilities in a relationship. The short story How to Talk to a Hunter seems to be written in second person. Not once indicating an actual person’s name. For example throughout the story she uses phrases such as
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Not being able to fully grasp who’s perspective I’m reading this from, but then realized this story is about her. I would like to believe that she wrote this almost like a diary or journal about her struggling relationship. To really understand, people might have to sympathize with the author because many people go through different situations in life. For example this story was her in a relationship with friends involved trying to help. Of course at times individuals they would like to believe their judgment is better than people trying to help. While she faced questions from her female best friend this was said “You didn’t tell him you loved him, did you? She replied “Don’t even tell her the truth, If you do you’ll have to tell her that he said this: I feel the same way” (236). By this point she is lying to the people that care about her to not feel weak or embarrassed. So in the end the author is trying to conceal her identity from the world yet still trying to warn others about the possibilities in the world
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